Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy


Bios = life

 Dynamic = power


The biodynamic body-psychotherapy is a smoothly and lovingly method to balance vital force and to bring human energies of life in naturally and spontaneously line. Biodynamic body-psychotherapy is a deep-psychological form of therapy which is oriented to the body. It was Gerda Boyesen who developed this form of body-psychotherapy based on amongst others theories of Siegmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich and C.G. Jung.


The biodynamic body-psychotherapy is the biological theory of psychology, which is interested to the connection between the body and the psyche. This form of therapy assumes that sensitivities are represented in the body. The body – that means the whole organism – is to view like a “storage of experiences”, like a “receptacle of unconsciously”, which is able to self-regulation and self-healing.