History of origin


Gerda Boyesen was engaged and impressed in theories of Wilhelm Reich (student of Sigmund Freud) related to vegetotherapy. She went to Ola Raknes to follow a vegetotheray. Ola Raknes was trained in this type of therapy according to Reich. Gerda Boyesen studied psychology in Oslo and followed an education to physical therapist at Aadel Bülow-Hansen. She made a connection between her own experiences in therapy and the theoretical and methodical theories of Wilhelm Reich, Siegmund Freud and C.G. Jung. On this basis she developed her own method of therapy which includes the theory concerning the reduction of psychical stress via the digestive system. That’s why the psycho-peristalsis plays an important role in the biodynamic body-psychotherapy. Gerda Boyesen was born in 1922 in Bergen, Norway. She died in 2005 in London. She gave life to 3 children: Mona Lisa, Ebba and Paul. Mona Lisa and Ebba continues to teach the biodynamic body-psychotherapy in their own institute and in other registered institutes all over the world. Also Paul joins to a subject of psychotherapy (psycho-organique).