Family Constellations


The family constellations are often used in addition to a current psychotherapy or in addition to a current body psychotherapy. This method of systemic psychotherapy serve as a possibility to find imprinting of childhood which will become conscious and which can be arrange in a new system. That means that “entanglements” and “hindering beliefs” can be dissolved and replaced through a new ordered system. Essential for a positive and continuing process is a good integration of the making experiences and the new beliefs in life of the client.

Origin of this method is to find in the “family sculptures” of Virginia Satir (*26. June 1916 in Neillsville, USA, ┼10. September 1988 in California USA), who was one of the most important family psychotherapists of the United States. She got the Honourary doctorate of the Univerty of Winsconsin.

Bert Hellinger used the method of “family sculptures” like basic to develop his “family constellations”, after which many of therapists actually working.