The Body Psycho-Therapy for Women


Woman should have a particular position in our society, because they are magisterial for the development and for the future of our society. Unfortunately our society is not geared to the needs and to the sovereignty of women.

The biodynamic body psycho-therapy is an affectionately form for therapy, which gives power and energy. Gerda Boyesen has developed this form of body psycho-therapy also for the needs of women. Via smoothly touches in the form of healing massages and body work which keeps the client grounded so that women can make positive and female oriented body-experiences. These experiences can bring healing and expanded consciousness. Incarnated traumas, experiences and emotions can be balanced, which has a supported impact on the self-healing power.

Women and body is an inseparable unity, in which the spirit and the soul is integrated. To encourage women in this unity is the basis to detect the source of their personally power, which they can use for their life.